Fantasia ceiling fans

Fantasia ceiling fans are often described as the UK’s premium brand of ceiling fan but what makes Fantasia ceiling Fans so special?

Fantasia have been manufacturing ceiling fans for over 30 years & have extensive knowledge of the industry. From our own experiences with Fantasia, we can see that they care about every aspect of a customers journey. From the initial purchase through to any after-care needed. The testimonials on Fantasia’s own website illustrate the high regard in which Fantasia are held amongst their customers.

The current Fantasia ceiling fans range has been designed to suit the latest trends. Whether you want a ceiling fan that will effortlessly blend in to your conservatory or a bold statement fan to impress friends you will find something within the range. You can view the current Fantasia range on our own website here.

Some Fantasia ceiling fans can blend in with a light coloured ceiling

Fantasia ceiling fans can blend in with a light coloured ceiling

Ever at the forefront of the latest technology, Fantasia ceiling fans have included a range of fans that now use low energy motors. This coupled with an LED light option offers a contemporary ceiling fan for an energy conscious world.

An example of an LED Fantasia ceiling fan

LED lights are optional on some Fantasia Ceiling Fan models

It is not only the design of Fantasia Ceiling Fans that stand out above other manufacturers but also their quality. Backed by a ten year motor warranty on their Fantasia range, we have found it very rare for a Fantasia motor to fail. Even when an occasional issue occurs, Fantasia are always courteous and helpful in solving the problem. Fantasia Elite ceiling fans even come with a 15 year motor warranty.

Fantasia ceiling fans also offer a range of accessories. This can be very useful when a customer would like to add a remote control to a fan or drop their fan a little lower. Spares & replacement items such as glass are always available.

Fantasia remote control

Some Fantasia ceiling fans come complete with remote control & others can have them added.

It is well worth considering Fantasia when choosing a ceiling fan. There are plenty of other brands out there but with their complete service, I would highly recommend you consider Fantasia Ceiling Fans.

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08. February 2016 by ekmwarmmead
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