What size ceiling fan should I choose?

Buying a ceiling fan can be confusing. One question we always get asked is what size of ceiling fan should I buy? There are no real rules or regulations that come in to play when answering this question. Common sense is a major factor.

A small box room would have a minimal volume & therefore wouldn’t need a large fan to move the air around. Something like the Amalfi fan http://www.lightahome.net/fantasia-amalfi-1024-c.asp or the Capri (non-light version) http://www.lightahome.net/fantasia-capri-1034-c.asp would be suitable. A normal size bedroom or a lounge would need something a little bigger.

When choosing a ceiling fan for a normal sized bedroom it is important to remember that the noise the ceiling fan makes can have a bearing on the purchase. You wouldn’t want a noisy ceiling fan spinning at night when you’re trying to sleep. A good way to look at it is the slower the ceiling fan rotates the quieter it will be. With this in mind a 42″ ceiling fan in a bedroom rotating on its slow speed will generate similar air movement to a smaller 36″ ceiling fan that it spinning at top speed & generating more noise! A larger fan spinning on slow speed is also more economical to run than a smaller faster running ceiling fan.

A 42" ceiling fan in a bedroom running at a medium speed

A 42″ ceiling fan in a bedroom running at a medium speed

Conservatories can get extremely hot in the summer time and it is always advised to fit the largest fan you possibly can in these environments. The fans size doesn’t necessarily mean it will cost you more to initially purchase if it is larger. Ceiling fans such as the Viper http://www.lightahome.net/fantasia-viper-1009-c.asp are great for conservatories and cost the same price whether you purchase a 44″ version or a 54″ version. In the middle of summer when the temperatures in a conservatory are extremely high, having a larger ceiling fan can make all the difference.

We often hear people say they are shocked at the dimensions of modern ceiling fans. Some people have mentioned that a 42″ or 54″ diameter fan is massive but it isn’t really. Not when you have the fan up on the ceiling. If it is a concern then a white version is recommended to blend in to your ceiling space. It is important to remember that a fan that is too small for its location will provide little or no air movement.

As a couple of general rule always fit the biggest unit you can in the space you have and run the ceiling fan on low to medium speeds as opposed to smaller ceiling fans spinning at full speed. It will make all the difference

For a full range of ceiling fans visit our ceiling fan page here http://www.lightahome.net/fantasia-ceiling-fans-994-c.asp

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