Choosing the right size of ceiling fan & how it is important for a good nights sleep?

What size ceiling fan should I choose? 

We are often asked what size of ceiling fan should I choose, when a customer gives us a call for a bit of advice. People often already have an opinion upon what size they shouldn’t have but it’s best to keep an open mind because the correct size is often not the size you actually think you need.  


At Lightahome, our range of ceiling fans vary from a relatively small 30” diameter up to a large 56”. The first thing to realise is that when you hold a tape measure up to your ceiling and measure out whichever size you have thought of, the measurement is from the tip of one blade to another and the actual ceiling fan wont dominate your ceiling as much as you think it will. People are often put off by thoughts of a 52” ceiling fan as they think it will be too big, but this is rarely the case. 


Eurofans Neptune Ceiling Fan

The Eurofans Neptune comes in a 44″ & 52″ size but the larger fan is always recommended if you have room to fit it


The installation location of your new ceiling fan will have a massive bearing upon which size of ceiling fan you require. Obviously, the primary job of a fan is to cool down a room however other factors also need to be taken in to consideration. If your room is small and space is limited, then you will obviously need a small fan just to be able to fit it in the available ceiling space. If, however ceiling space isn’t an issue and you are fitting in to a conservatory, then you really need to consider as large a fan as physically possible. Often ceiling fans will come in 2 sizes, such as the Eurofans Neptune fan that comes in 44” & 52” versions and there usually isn’t a difference in the price. The larger the fan you choose the more air movement you will feel and if in a conservatory, that will undoubtedly get very hot in the summer, the more air movement the better! Conservatories often have pitched roofs so a ceiling fan drop rod can often be used to lower the fan allowing a larger model to be installed.  


What size ceiling fan should I choose to help me sleep? 

Bedrooms are often a popular place to fit a ceiling fan & the same rule applies here as it does in a conservatory. Go for the biggest possible ceiling fan you can. I’m sure some of you will have raised your eyebrows at that statement but there’s a very good reason for this. If installing in a bedroom, then a major factor is a very quiet ceiling fan. Manufacturers, such as Fantasia ceiling fans, make their motors to be whisper quiet however there is very little you can do about the sound the blades make when they are cutting through the air. Think of a propeller on an aeroplane. The faster the blades spin, the louder the fan is. This is where the correct size of fan can make all the difference. If you select a larger fan, such as the 54” version of the Fantasia Viper Plus fan over the 44” version, then you can run that fan on a slower speed and thus quieter, than a smaller fan rotating on top speed. Think of what you would like to sleep under at 3am. A little fan spinning on top speed, moving air, making a loud whooshing noise in a hectic manner? Or a larger fan rotating on slow mode, creating similar air movement, virtually no noise, spinning in a slower calmer fashion. 

sleeping soundly under a ceiling fan

A calmer ceiling fan means a calmer nights sleep


A general rule when choosing the size of a fan is bigger is better. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend any more money. Often a fan that comes available in 2 sizes will have the same motor but just a different sized set of blades in the box. 


There are no actual legal requirements regarding the size of fan you should install however as a guide if you work on the following recommendations then you shouldn’t go wrong. A room measuring 12ft x 12ft (3.65m x 3.65m) should have either a 36” or a 42” ceiling fan installed, though we would recommend the larger size if ceiling space allows. 


A room approximately measuring 15ft x 12ft (4.57m x 3.65m) would require either a 42” or 52” fan (again we would recommend the larger). 


A room measuring around 20ft x 14ft (6.1m x 4.27m) would ideally require a 52” ceiling fan. 


A room approximately 25ft x 12ft (7.62m x 3.65m) would ideally need 2 x 42” fans or a single 52” ceiling fan. 


At the end of the day, a ceiling fan is all about comfort. Its not just about cooling, its also about silence and calmness. Try and follow the recommendations we have mentioned in this post but if you would like anymore advice about choosing the right size of ceiling fan, then give us a call on 024 7671 7043 or visit our Facebook page. 

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