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Opinions, everyone’s got one. You can argue that an opinion can never be wrong, yet they can’t all be right surely? Fortunately, we can measure opinions by means of a poll to gauge trends. Take for example a couple of opinions vented in our offices recently. An innocent question about the country’s favourite colour of light fitting between Sue and myself resulted in us asking the public to vote on the matter. You see we couldn’t agree. (It happens quite a lot to be honest). Lighting such as ceiling lights, wall lights, table lamps & floor lamps come in a variety of colours ranging from the mundane to downright unusual!

A chrome ceiling light

A chrome light fitting. You can’t go wrong with chrome! But is it time to explore colour trends a little further?


It takes a lot to change the nations collective opinion on what colour of light fitting, light switch or door handles, should be fitted in their homes. Like a massive oil tanker, it can take time to turn it around. If you’re old enough to remember when brass was all the rage, it was everywhere. It still is in certain homes but on average, people run a mile from it mainly because it’s awful (loving this whole having an opinion thing). Eventually though, the oil tanker turned around and left us all loving chromes & brushed silver finishes. These metallic types of colours have dominated light fittings for quite some time now. In fact, it’s probably pushing on 20 years. In the last few years we’ve started to notice a few new colours starting to push their way in on the act and maybe start to pull on that oil tanker once again!

A contemporary designed spotlight finished in antique brass, which is a colour usually associated with traditional looking lights

A contemporary designed spotlight finished in antique brass, which is a colour usually associated with traditional looking lights



One thing that Sue and I can agree on is there feels like a desire to try new lighting colours out there. I’m not saying that chrome will disappear anytime soon. In fact, my opinion is that chrome is still by far the most popular colour when it comes to lighting. Sue however thinks that one of the pretenders to the crown has caught up with the king!

A copper pendant light

A copper ceiling pendant light. Copper is a very contemporary colour & it’s popularity grows by the month.


So, what are the new colour trends of light fittings we are seeing in 2018? Well for starters, antique brass has been getting in the act for a few years now, but as I look across the range of lighting catalogues, variants of metal colours are now starting to appear. Brushed nickel, pewter, copper all feature. With this in mind we thought we would run a little knockout competition on our Facebook page so our followers could vote through their favourite colours until we were left with the winner. Hardly scientific I know but enough to give us a bit of an idea. So, what about mine & Sue’s predictions? Well I was pretty sure chrome would still rule, though I expected the newer colours to figure highly & Sue stuck her neck out and opted for pewter! Pewter is sometimes referred to as black chrome or gun-metal but is basically a collective name for darker metals.

A brushed nickel light fitting

A brushed nickel light fitting. Variants of traditional metal finishes like chrome are now becoming popular.


Over a week colours were eliminated day by day. Out went brass straight away (shocker I know). Whites & blacks didn’t last long but copper proved to be surprisingly popular getting all the way to the semi-final! Eventually though we were left with 2 colours in the final and yes, you’ve guessed it, chrome and pewter were the finalists (I swear I’m not making it up). When all the votes were cast the overall winner was pewter! Though the vote was extremely close (51% V 49%) it told us 2 things.

Firstly, that Sue was right, which believe me is a lot to admit to and will undoubtedly cost me a cake of some kind and secondly and most importantly that the lighting buying public are ready to experiment with new colours. Similar manufacturers, such as Fantasia ceiling fans, are experimenting with contemporary colours such as hammered black and natural iron on their fans.

A pewter contemporary light

Pewter is a versatile colour in both traditional & modern looking light fittings.


I’m not convinced that any of these new lighting colours are ready to dominate the living rooms around the country just yet, but then maybe that’s the point. Clearly there is willing there to experiment with new colours in peoples’ interior design aspirations because if it wasn’t then the lighting manufacturers around the country wouldn’t be starting to make their most popular lighting ranges available in these contemporary finishes.

A copper pendant light

Copper is part of the new industrial colour trend in lighting


Chromes, silvers & brushed metals all still dominate the pages of these catalogues but I would suggest that if you were looking for a light fitting on trend that you wouldn’t find in your local DIY stores who like to play it safe, then look towards pewters, dark chromes, gun metal & coppers. The oil tanker may not have done a complete 180 degree turn just yet but a selection of modern finishes are gradually pushing it off course!

A black light fitting

Darker colours can make a statement in a world dominated by chromes & silver.


Evidence of the move towards this collection of non-mainstream yet desirable colour choices can be seen in other product types as well. Only recently when visiting a national retailer, I took note of the range of kitchen electrical products available in copper. These pewters, dark chromes, coppers & nickels are all a part of this ‘new industrial’ collection of lighting colours and are on trend and not going away anytime soon.

A selection of copper products

New industrial colours such as copper feature across a range of products


In 2018 be bold if choosing new lighting. Explore the ‘new industrial’ lighting colour trends.

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