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The first thing you should know about David Hunt Lighting is that it’s not for everyone. That’s not to say David Hunt make weird, unusual light fittings. Admittedly some of their lights are large pieces that would look out of place in most homes, however they also create plenty of smaller normal sized lights. It’s not so much a matter of taste, more a matter of expense. If there is such a thing as a lighting brand, then David Hunt lighting is it. You see, David Hunt don’t follow the business model of most manufacturers. You won’t see them knock out a few thousand generic lights to stack high and sell cheap. Their studio isn’t crammed full of machines, rattling out light after light. David Hunt do things the old fashioned, skilled way.

Hand crafted techniques are used in David Hunts studio


To David Hunt, each light they manufacture is a piece of art. Everything is hand made to order and very little, bar their most popular products, are kept on the shelf. Traditional hand skills are used throughout the factory and age-old techniques applied using paint brushes. It isn’t that their products are over-priced to build an exclusive market. The company put that much effort in and source the finest quality of materials that the end product is worth the price people pay. Take for example the David Hunt Antler range. This exquisite range of lights are only created when a customer places an order. They are handmade & hand-finished which means that each piece is unique.

One of the many handmade lights from the David Hunt Antler range


Then there are the silk shades that accompany the range. Each shade is handmade using 100% silk and when you consider that there are 13 different colours of silk available and 4 different lining colours that gives you a choice of 52 possibilities. Bespoke lighting is not a problem with David Hunt.

There are multiple silk shade colour options and interior lining options. This creates a massive choice when choosing David Hunt shades


A quick flick through their latest catalogue highlights the fact that any of their lighting products can be adjusted to suit a customers’ enquiry. If a light is too tall or if a product needs to be adapted to suit a certain installation, then this is not a problem. Recently we helped a customer who wanted a certain David Hunt light, but wanted it slightly larger, for an entrance to their restaurant. This, of course, was no problem. David Hunts’ lighting designers set about to redesign the light, reprice it according to material costs and then manufactured a bespoke handmade piece that now proudly sits on the restaurant ceiling.


Even simpler items, such as their metal, retro style pendant lights can either be hand crafted and finished in a set range of colours or bespoke finished from a selection of special paint tones supplied exclusively by Marston & Langinger paints.

Marston & Langinger have produced a range of paint colours that can be applied to any of David Hunts’ metal lighting products


To sum up, there is plenty more to discover about David Hunt Lighting than can be mentioned in this brief blogpost and I would definitely recommend visiting their website. Needless to say, should you require a light with that touch of style, quality, uniqueness and overall craft and finish, the first people you need to consider is David Hunt!


Lightahome are stockists & approved retailers of David Hunt Lighting. For advice, further information or bespoke projects you can give us a call on 024 7671 7043 or contact us through our Facebook page.

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