The difference between the Fantasia Viper and Viper Plus ceiling fans

The Viper ceiling fan has been a mainstay in the Fantasia Ceiling Fans catalogue now for many years, primarily because of it’s quality and appeal as a powerful, stylish ceiling fan. A quick look in the latest Fantasia Fans catalogue however also shows a Viper Plus model, so what are the differences between the two?


For starters, the two versions are very similar to look at. They both come in a 44” & 54” version & both can be either halogen or LED (It is worth noting that future versions will all be integrated LED). They both also come in pretty much the same colour options, barring a few, such as pewter. There is one difference, aesthetically between the Viper & Viper plus fans & that is the blade carriers. These are the metal arms that support the blades and attach them to the fans motor housing. On a standard Fantasia Viper ceiling fan these blade carriers have an ornate style with a hole cut out. On the Fantasia Viper Plus ceiling fan, the blade carrier is the same shape but solid in appearance. If you look at a picture of both models you can tell the difference. The other changes between the two versions are not to do with look.


The Viper Plus has solid blade carriers (the metal arms under the blades)


The standard Fantasia Viper Fan has a different style of blade carrier to the Viper Plus, shown above


The first other difference is the fact that the Viper Plus is part of the Fantasia Elite fans range. This means it is of a higher quality of construction. When you consider that standard Fantasia fans are already a very good quality, you can appreciate how decent the Plus version is. Because of this, the Viper Plus comes with a 15 year motor warranty as opposed to the standard Viper fans 10 year motor warranty.


The last major difference and probably the most important, is the fact that the Viper Plus has its reverse feature controlled by the remote handset! In the winter a ceiling fan can be used to circulate hot air trapped at ceiling level. If it is set to reverse, a fan can gently send this hot air down again. Most ceiling fans have this ability and traditionally, it was controlled by a switch on the motor housing of the fan. The fact that you only really flicked this switch a few times a year meant it wasn’t such an issue, however it can be a pain if your fan is fitted very high on your ceiling. The motor would need to be turned off to stop you damaging it by selecting reverse when it was spinning in forward. The Viper Plus fan has had its reverse feature upgraded so you can now control it from the handset. It doesn’t matter whether the fan is already spinning or stationary. If it is already rotating in standard, forward mode, the Fantasia Viper Plus fan will automatically slow itself down to a stop and then instantly begin to spin again, this time in the opposite direction. If you’re going to fit your fan up quite high then this may be a deciding factor for you.

The Viper Plus fan has a remote handset that allows you to control the fans reverse feature remotely.


To summarise, should you be trying to decide between the Viper & the Viper Plus you really need to consider if the extra warranty is worth it for you & if the handset-controlled reverse feature will have a bearing upon your decision. Either way, you will be purchasing a quality fan should you decide to opt for a Fantasia Viper or Fantasia Viper Plus ceiling fan.


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