Why should I choose a Fantasia Ceiling Fan?

Ok, you’ve decided that you want a ceiling fan. You’ve done a bit of research and seen you can pretty much either go down the cheap, DIY store route, or go down the more expensive, professional fan route. If you’ve opted for the latter (and you should) then you will have found that there are brands of ceiling fans out there. Here’s where I become biased. If you are looking for a high quality branded ceiling fan, then look for Fantasia ceiling fans. It’s the brand of ceiling fan we stock. Easy choice for me to promote them then. Looking beyond this bias though actually highlights why we stock & promote Fantasia Fans.

Fantasia fans only make ceiling fans so all their knowledge is poured in to their ceiling fan products.


As a retailer, it is in our best interest to provide a product that will last & provide a quality experience for our customers. When it comes to both of these things, Fantasia ceiling fans can’t be beaten. It wasn’t a difficult choice when we had to nail our flag to a ceiling fan brand. Firstly, Fantasia only make ceiling fans. They don’t diversify in to other products. They specialise solely in ceiling fans which means Fantasia fans can push the envelope with new designs, economy of power use, technical improvements. It also means should someone contact Fantasia for help, they will instantly reach someone who knows exactly what they are talking about.

The silver version of the Fantasia Tau fan, fitted with 3 blades in this picture but can be fitted with 2, 3 or 4! (4 supplied in the box). Fantasia ceiling fans push the development of ceiling fans to a new level.


Because Fantasia ceiling fans only deal in fans, it also means they manufacture & stock both accessories and spare parts. Remote control units, spare pull cords, drop rods for lowering, are just some of the items you can purchase with Fantasia fans. Because they have been developing their ceiling fans for over 30 years, it means that they can offer a 10-year motor warranty on the standard Fantasia fans range and 15 years on the Fantasia Elite Fans range. With fan motors designed to last for so long, it is perfectly reasonable in the future to bring your existing Fantasia ceiling fan back looking fresh by merely buying a new set of blades, or a different looking light (yes, they are pretty much universal).

A 42" ceiling fan in a bedroom running at a medium speed

The highest quality materials are used in the construction of all of Fantasia’s ceiling fans


Like all good businesses, Fantasia ceiling fans like to move with the times. They are not really interested in a ‘make them cheap, stack them high, sell them cheap, business model.’ They would much rather focus upon the things that the modern consumer comes to expect with a high-quality manufacturer. In recent years they have introduced technological advancements such as, DC Low energy motors, remote control reverse mode to help warm a room, LED lighting. They also focus on using quality materials & blade balancing systems to ensure that the wobbly fan you saw in your hotel room years ago is a thing of the past. Fantasia ceiling fans use larger silicon steel motors than other manufacturers, which ensures more air movement. Double sealed bearings that are used across the Fantasia fans range improve durability and help reduce noise during operation. Double lacquered metal finishes also help to deter tarnishing.

Fans such as the Neptune are dual mount which means it can be fitted without the drop rod shown above (for low ceilings) and with the drop rod for higher ceilings.


A lot of Fantasia Ceiling Fans models are also adaptable. Dual mount ceiling fans mean they can be fitted with or without a drop rod. If you have limited headspace then this is essential. Equally if you have a high ceiling then the same ceiling fan fitted with the drop rod will bring it down lower. I guess when you buy a cheap fan then you are having to adapt to fit around it. It may not be suitable for the height of your room, but you make do. Ultimately its quality will let it down and another electricians bill will have to be paid, when fitting the replacement. With a Fantasia ceiling fan, you are adapting the fan itself around your home to suit it perfectly and for it to perform exactly how you want it to. You can also be rest assured that you won’t be paying endless electricians fees to keep replacing the fan.


Buying a ceiling fan can be a complicated business but ultimately, if you require a quality ceiling fan, for all the above reasons you need to be considering a Fantasia ceiling fan.


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