What is a dual mount ceiling fan?

If you have looked through any ceiling fan catalogues recently, you may have seen some models referred to as dual mount ceiling fans. But exactly what is a dual mount ceiling fan? Well to put it simply it’s a fan that has been designed to fit in to most rooms, without the ceiling height being an issue. Normally when you want a ceiling fan you fall in to one of two brackets. Either you have a low ceiling, such as a modern built house or say if the fan is to go above a bed, or you have a room with a high ceiling. Older houses were often built with high ceilings.


When your home has one of these two features you usually have to pick your ceiling fan carefully. A fan on a rod will probably hang down too low for small height rooms and equally, a flush fitting ceiling fan will be far too high up to make a difference in a room with a large ceiling height.


A dual mount ceiling fan has been designed for both eventualities. It may be shown in the catalogue as having a small rod attached or not, but once it comes to the fitting you can choose whether to use the rod or not. If you decide against using it, then the overall depth from the ceiling reduces. Choose to use it and it increases. Product descriptions and catalogues will often display two different sets of dimensions dependent upon how you choose to install.


A ceiling fan, like the Eurofans Neptune fan is a classic example of a dual mount ceiling fan. Though it may look quite bulky it is actually incredibly close to the ceiling when fitted flush (only 27cm). This allows a fairly big fan to be used over a bed and locations with limited ceiling height. Alternatively, you can fit the Neptune with the enclosed 6-inch drop rod, however longer drop rods are also available. Fan drop rods come in 12”, 18”, 30”,48” & 72”. Basically, when you buy a dual mount ceiling, such as the Neptune ceiling fan, you are buying a product that is great for pretty much all installations.

The Neptune ceiling fan (shown here on the 6″ drop rod it comes with) can also be fitted without the drop rod which means it is flush to the ceiling. This makes the Neptune fan perfect for pretty much all installations.


Because of this it also means you can take the fan down and refit it in to a different room. Or, for example, if you are moving-house and the ceiling heights are different in your new home. Your dual mount ceiling fan will be suitable there as well. These types of fans don’t necessarily cost more money to purchase. They just mean that the manufacturer has put some additional thought in to the design.


If you are struggling to work out which ceiling fan would be suitable for your home, then give us a call on 024 7671 7043 & we would be happy to talk you through your options.

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