Fitting a ceiling fan on a sloping ceiling

Ceiling fans can be really useful things. Not only do they cool down a room, but they can actually warm it as well in the winter. Great in bedrooms, conservatories & most rooms in the home they are relatively simple to fit. There are occasions however where the installation point may not be that straight forward. One such installation is a sloping ceiling or a pitched roof. At Lightahome, we have spoken to several people who think that because they have a sloping roof they won’t be able to have a ceiling fan. This is not the case. Not only can the ceiling fans that Lightahome sell be fitted to an angled ceiling but they can actually be fitted up to an angle of 38 degrees!

If your ceiling fan is fitted on a drop rod, like this Fantasia Sigma fan, then it can usually be fitted at an angle

Fitting a fan to a pitched roof is relatively easy. It may sound difficult but it’s actually really not. A strong fixing point, as always, is required. A joist or a beam will do the job for stability. Alternatively, a noggin of wood between joists is suitable above the ceiling to screw in to. For obvious practical reasons a flush fitting ceiling fan can’t be installed at an angle as the fan would just follow the angle of the ceiling. A ceiling fan on a drop rod of relatively small length is fine however. What makes an angled installation possible with Lightahome ceiling fans is the specially designed fixing bracket. Designed to screw directly to the stable fixing point with 2 screw fixing points, the fixing bracket has a ball joint holder in its centre.

The connector block on the hanging bracket can be seen to the right of the ball joint holder on the fixing bracket

At the end of each Lightahome fans drop rod is a ball joint. These ball joints are held in place by a split pin, so they can be taken off and used with differing lengths of rod. When the ceiling fan motor is hung below the fixing bracket the ball joint sits within the ball joint holder. This allows the fan to find the perfect position using gravity to pull it downwards. In essence the fixing bracket pitches to 38 degrees and the fan hangs below it at a perfectly straight angle. The only thing you have to ensure is that the fan hangs low enough so the blade tips are far enough away from the ceiling which will be sloping downwards. If you are unsure of the length of rod you would need you can always contact Lightahome for additional advice.

The ball joint at the top of the drop rod sits in to the holder on the fixing bracket and pivots meaning gravity pulls the ceiling fan straight, even if the fixing bracket is fitted at an angle

If your fan is a flush fitting type, then it will probably still be able to have a drop rod added to it. Some models require a conversion kit to do this & again Lightahome can advise you on this. Some ceiling fans are described as dual mount. This means they can either be fitted flush to a ceiling or on a drop rod & if you can fit a rod to a ceiling fan, you can angle the installation.


So, if you have a pitched roof and you wondered if you could have a fan but were unsure, rest assured you can. Speak with us at Lightahome and we can advise and talk you through our range of sloping ceiling fans. Our telephone number is 024 7671 7043 and you can also contact us on our Facebook page.

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