Changing the frequency of a Fantasia Fans Remote Control

Fantasia ceiling fans have a reputation for being one of the highest quality ceiling fan manufacturers in the UK. As a company they go to great lengths to ensure their products reach a very high standard when they leave the factory. There are times, as with everything, when issues can occur of course. One such issue is interference with your Fantasia fans remote control system. The Fantasia remote works off a wireless frequency signal that gets sent between the fans remote handset and the receiver unit located under the ceiling cover at the top of the fan.

Fantasia Remote Receiver

The Fantasia Remote Receiver unit

Sometimes a new device in the local area or even in your own home can have an adverse effect on the signal which can result in your Fantasia ceiling fan becoming unresponsive or acting unusually. We have heard from some people who have found their Fantasia or Eurofans fan to be spinning all be itself when they have returned home. Not being able to turn the fan off is another issue that crops up. These things can sometimes be a sign of a faulty remote receiver unit! Before you replace this though it is worth just checking to see if changing the remote controls frequency might have an affect.

Fantasia remote control

Both the handset & the receiver unit have frequency switches that can be changed


So how do you change a ceiling fan remote controls frequency?


Well the first thing to realise is that both your fans remote handset and the receiver unit have little switches, sometimes called dip switches, located on them and these can be changed. For the remote control handset it is quite simple. If you turn the handset over and remove the battery compartment lid & battery you will see a little set of 4 switches underneath. As standard they are usually all set in the same position. Using a small flathead screwdriver you can change these switches to different positions. I would recommend all the opposite to what they are currently set at.

The 4 little frequency switches on the handset can be found under the battery compartment cover

The same 4 little switches can also be found on the side of the remote receiver unit. To access this you need to remove the bowl shaped cover found at ceiling level covering up where the fan attaches to the ceiling. This usually needs a couple of screws to be undone, allowing the cover to drop down the rod, exposing the fixing bracket. The receiver unit is normally a grey shaped box with a few wires coming out of each side. Ensure you have turned off all the power before doing so and as good safe practice it is advisable to leave the fan for a couple of hours after killing the power to allow the fan to fully discharge (certain components can still hold a charge for a few hours after a fan has been turned off). The receiver can normally be slid out of the holder, carefully ensuring the wiring remains intact. Locate the 4 little switches on the side and adjust these to the same positions as the positions you set the switches to on the handset. Refit the receiver back in to the holder and fit the cover back over again as it was before.

The matching 4 little frequency switches can also be found on the side of the receiver unit. When you change their positions you should ensure they match the switch positions on the remote handset

Both ceiling fan remote control handset & receiver unit are now synced again and the power can now be turned back on. Now test your Fantasia remote control system again to see if this has rectified the issue. If your Fantasia fan is now back working as it was before you have rectified the issue. If it still appears to have an issue then you will probably need to replace the receiver unit with a new one.


If you are having any difficulties regarding this then you can contact Lightahome on 02476717043 for more advice.

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