The David Hunt Antler Range

The David Hunt Antler range has become synonymous throughout the UK lighting industry with quality and style. What originally started as a small range for David Hunt, rapidly grew in popularity until it reached the thorough collection of lights that it is today. Sure, it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea and no it won’t suit everyone’s home, but what it does have is bags of character. You would imagine, upon first glance, that the David Hunt Antler lights would sell predominantly to the Highlands of Scotland, where the design would suit hotels & establishments. This isn’t however the case. As an official David Hunt Lighting retailer, we have sold various pieces of Antler lighting to all areas across the UK and some even in to Europe.

The Antler range of lights, by David Hunt Lighting, features wall lights, ceiling lights, table lamps & floor lamps


From a design point of view, the Antler range has quite a lot of scope. From the crowded, character filled ANT1322 to the simpler, more organic feel of the ANT0329, the range combines both exhuberence with simplicity. Most of the range that comes complete with shades can be finished to a bespoke standard by allowing the consumer to choose the shade colour they require of their accompanying silk shades. Colour options include, Ivory, Sea Mist Gold, Taupe, Linen Grey, Citron, Peony, Olive Green, Firefly orange, French navy blue, Silver grey, Charcoal, Truffle & Black. If the ability to choose your colour of your silk shades on your Antler light isn’t bespoke enough, then David Hunt are open to adjusting any of their Antler lights to your own specification. If the sizes aren’t quite right, or more chain is required then the manufacturer will happily discuss and quote for this.

The ANT1322 Antler ceiling light by David Hunt has bags of character


The reason that David Hunt lighting can change most aspects of their Antler lighting range, to your own specification, is because every single light is hand crafted in their Cotswold work shop. David Hunt Antler lights are treated as pieces of art within the work shop and each light is hand-painted, which means no piece is the same as another. The Antler range of lights are painted in differing colours, ranging from dark browns & blacks to almost white in appearance. Each one features exquisite detailing. The Antler range by David Hunt is not just about ceiling lights. Matching wall lights are available throughout the range and a nice selection of table lamps in the same design are also present. Again, these can have the colour of their shades chosen by the consumer to create a bespoke look.

Every Antler light by David Hunt is hand crafted and no fitting is exactly the same as another


Lightahome are an approved David Hunt Lighting customer so if you require something from the Antler range then simply give us a call or drop us an email and we can sort your order for you. Although David Hunt do keep some extremely popular lines ready made on the shelf, most are hand crafted to order, so please allow 7-10 working days before your order is delivered.

The Antler range also includes Table Lamps & Floor lamps

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