Is double insulated bathroom lighting safe?

The safety of double insulated bathroom lighting is often questioned. It is understandable as both bathroom lights and class 2 double insulated lights are 2 areas of lighting that are controlled by safety rules and regulations. Put them both together and you have a combination of concerns. Firstly, a double insulated light is designed in a way that its internal wiring allows for an earth free connection. Designed primarily for homes without an earth, it can be made from metal and other conductive materials as there is a reduced risk of danger occurring. Secondly bathroom lighting is controlled by an IP-rating which determines what zone it can be fitted within your bathroom. The lower the zone number requires a higher IP rating. Normally as a minimum it would require an IP-rating of IP44 however you can learn more about bathroom zones here. The zones and IP-ratings tell us how well a light can prevent moisture from penetrating it. Both of these things combined together can seem confusing however it needn’t be the case.

The zones of a bathroom shown to help you choose a light fitting

A bathroom is segmented in to zones and each zone requires a certain IP-rating for your bathroom light. 

The first thing to realise is that double insulated bathroom lighting is perfectly safe. Every kind of bathroom light is available in a non-earthed variety. Bathroom ceiling lights, wall lights and downlights are all available without the need for an earth connection. Lightahome has actually specialised in these types of lights for years. Both bathroom lights and class 2 may be regulated and mentioned in the current wiring regulations that electricians follow but combined together they do not have a detrimental effect on one another.


As double insulated lights are a rarer, specialist form of lighting, I would suggest tackling this first. Start by looking for a class 2 lighting specialist first before then looking for a bathroom light. It is pretty much guaranteed that if you look at a bathroom lighting retailer and then hope you will find a class 2 version, it’s not going to happen. The amount of people who speak to us on the telephone and tell us they’ve been to a DIY store only to find that none of the staff members know what a double insulated light is, is frequent. Start with the rarer requirement. Speak with a double insulated lighting specialist and then ask for a bathroom light. You will actually find that there is quite a wide choice available & an electrician shouldn’t have any issues with fitting one for you.

An example of a Class 2 double insulated light made of metal

An example of a Class 2 double insulated light that is suitable for a bathroom as it is IP44 rated and doesn’t require an earth connection.

Lighting manufacturers understand that there are people out there who don’t have an earth in their homes lighting circuit. Some of them actually create entire ranges of lights that can be fitted without an earth no matter what room of the home they are to be fitted or whatever regulation applies. Not having an earth shouldn’t stop you from fitting attractive bathroom lighting so if you require double insulated bathroom lights then I would suggest speaking to experts such as Lightahome to ensure you are purchasing the correct type of product. You can call us on 02476717043.

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