Warm your room with your ceiling fans reverse mode

Your ceiling fan can warm a room in reverse!


It’s getting to that time of year again. The nights have started to draw in and the temperature is beginning to drop. The last thing most of us think about is the ceiling fans on our ceiling. What some of you might not be aware of however is the fact that your ceiling fan can actually help you warm your room usually. No, you didn’t misread that! Fantasia ceiling fans are designed to both cool & warm a room. Once your central heating comes on to help keep your home toasty all that lovely heat goes and rises to your ceiling, leaving a cold area for you to eat, sleep and live in below. Putting your fan on normally will only cool the room down with air movement, like it would at any time during the year. This is due to the rotation and the way it draws air and moves it.


Ceiling fans by Fantasia are designed to allow their blades and motor to rotate in the opposite direction. If selected, this reverse mode draws its air from the top of your ceiling and recirculates it back downwards. This motion has the effect of spreading the warm air trapped at ceiling level evenly throughout the room, giving an overall warmer feel.


Putting your Fantasia fan in to reverse mode is relatively easy however there are a couple of different ways of doing this dependent upon the model of fan you have. The standard Fantasia fans range tend to have a reverse switch built on to the body of the fan itself. This can usually be located at the top of the fan motor. The switch itself is a simple on-off rocker switch. Its position on the motor means that the fan has to be stationary for you to activate it which protects the motor from damage when it changes direction. Obviously, this can be awkward if your fan is fitted on a high ceiling and requires ladders or scaffolding to reach it, so if you are reading this with the intention of purchasing a fan then one of the Fantasia Elite fans might be something to consider as they use an easier reverse system.

A 42" ceiling fan in a bedroom running at a medium speed

A Fantasia Phoenix fan has a reverse switch located on top of the motor housing.

Most Fantasia Elite fans can be set in reverse mode but instead of having to activate a manual switch located on the fans body, most can be remotely activated. Fans such as the Fantasia Viper Plus have an additional switch on the remote controls handset which when pressed will tell the fan to slow down to a stop, set itself in to reverse and then reach the previous speed only now in the opposite direction. This slowing down to a stop protects the fans motor which is important. Other Fantasia Elite fans will do the same thing and it is worth checking each fans product description to be sure.

The Fantasia Elite remote control has a switch that allows reverse mode to be activated from the handset.

So, if you have a Fantasia fan and you’ve started putting your heating on then it’s the perfect time to flick that reverse switch and to start using that wasted hot air up above!

The author for this blogpost was Sue. A ceiling fan specialist with Lightahome for over 10 years


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