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One shade, 92 colour combinations. The David Hunt Lighting approach to lampshades


We’ve done blogposts before about David Hunt Lighting and how they are a cut above the normal lighting manufacturer. There’s no need to cover old ground about their bespoke services but one thing I really thought I should discuss in a little more detail is just how impressive their shade options are!


David Hunt lighting products tend to work in one of two ways. Either the light comes complete with shades, such as some of their ceiling lights, or you purchase a shade as an accessory. This is often the case with their table lamps. Either way the process is pretty much the same. If the product comes with shades you are going to be choosing the colours you want. If it doesn’t they will recommend the type of shade and you then choose the desired colours. Each option is covered by the same colour palette.

Part of the David Hunt Lighting Orb range, this particular version has a cream coloured linen shade


As you would expect with a high-quality lighting manufacturer the vast majority of options are handmade with handwoven 100% silk. Slight variations & irregularities in the shade & weave of the silk only reinforce the natural quality nature of the material. Other material options, such as 100% natural linen, a natural fabric made from the flax plant, enhance the range further. It is the colour options however that really make the difference.

Part of the Orb range, like the fitting above, with the same shades only finished in a different colour


With David Hunt shades you tend to not only choose the outer shade colour but also the inner lining colour as well. Originally there were 13 outer colour options. There are now, at the time of writing this post, 23 outer colour options. The choice is huge. You can have the outer colour in 12 silk colours which are ivory, sea mist gold, taupe, truffle, silver grey, charcoal, French navy, black, peony, citron, olive green & firefly orange. If you would prefer a linen material you can choose from bone, limestone, marshmallow & slate grey. Selecting their satin material which is a cotton and polyester material, lets you choose from swan, almond cream, cloud, graphite, copper oxide, ballet pink & teal.

Any of David Hunts shades can be handmade using the following outer and lining colours


When you then consider that you have a choice of 4 inner lining options, which are gold metallic, silver metallic, bronze metallic & white you can start to appreciate what a massive choice there is. In fact, if you take one of David Hunt’s base shade designs you can technically create 92 different versions of the same shade!

Part of the David Hunt Lighting Doreen range of lights, this version has been fitted with a dark coloured set of shades


Not only does this allow the majority of their fittings to suit any interior design style but from a commercial point of view it allows companies to colour match with their corporate identities. To date, the shade colour choice has been used by customers from a simple table lamp in a lounge to a hotel chains lobby area and rooms. Having such a vast range of options can also really change the look of David Hunt Lights. Some of their larger light fittings are completely transformed when different colours are applied. To sum up, it’s nice to have a lampshade made of a good quality natural material but it’s even better when you can create the exact look you’ve been craving for instead of settling for a couple of colours. As always with David Hunt, their shades are handmade and can take 7 to 10 days however with this type of product it is well worth the wait.

Another Doreen light fitting using the same shades as above only these are a much lighter colour and change the overall look of the product.


The full David Hunt Lighting range of shades is available now on the Lightahome website on the links above.

The author of this blogpost was Dave Riley. Ceiling fan & Lighting expert of 16 years with Lightahome Ltd.


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