The renaissance of the humble table lamp

From drab to statement piece. The renaissance of the humble table lamp.


Well it’s October now, the central heating is desperate to kick in and it’s slowly getting darker as I get home each evening from work. It’s the time of year when it’s all about being cosy. Sue and I might argue about quite a bit in the office but one thing we agree on is a nice bit of ambient light in your room creates warmth and character. A nice glow illuminating your room can be created in a variety of different ways but one of the best is a table lamp. The humble table lamp has been under rated for a long time now. Resigned to the shelves of the big DIY & department stores, table lamps became bland and monotonous in recent years. Cheap & cheerful, more of a functional item than a design aspiration.  Stacked high and sold cheaply. In the last 12 months however, something has changed. Whether it’s due to a consequence of the ‘don’t settle’ generation or people spending more money on their homes instead of moving, people have started to look at table lamps in a different way.

Table Lamps such as the Ammonite table lamp can bring interesting shapes and forms in to your room


We spend so much time and effort designing our rooms. Choosing carpets and rugs and wallpaper. Everyone’s an interior designer and everyone has an idea on what makes a beautiful room. Whether you prefer traditional styles or an ultra-contemporary vibe, there is a table lamp that makes a statement for you. They can reflect your personality and it is noticeable today how they are seen as something to carefully choose and invest a little money in. Once an after-thought, a table lamp now is purchased with quality and style in mind.


The Angler table lamp may not be everybody cup of tea but it creates a talking point


This year it has been quite noticeable how customers appear to be shifting from the traditional cheap table lamps and have been choosing bespoke, quality lamps instead. Admittedly the choice out there is greater now than it has ever been. Companies such as David Hunt Lighting handmake a large variety of table lamps using handcrafted techniques with quality materials, such as silk, in a variety of colours. In fact, most lamp shades by that particular manufacturer can be created in 92 different versions. It isn’t just our elder customers who have been choosing these better quality of table lamps. The younger, new home-owner generation have bought their desires for uniqueness and providence and applied that when purchasing table lamps. A handmade table lamp made with responsibly sourced, quality materials is far more desirable than a lamp created by a machine in its thousands. A table lamp no longer is just for lighting a room. It’s a thing to be loved and appreciated. From talking with our customers, it is clear that a table lamp should add something to a room even when it isn’t actually illuminated.

The Tile Table lamp uses interesting textures. Shown here with a white, silk shade you can bespoke your version by choosing from 23 different shade colours and 4 different lining colours!


How do you view a table lamp? Is it an item for purely illumination or do you see it as an enhancement of the room? Personally, I fall in to the bracket of appreciating the effort that goes in to a hand-crafted product, so I like a bespoke shade on a nice table lamp. There are of course times where a cheaper lamp is more than adequate. Either way, the humble table lamp is going through a renaissance and it’s about time.


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The author of this blogpost was Dave Riley. Ceiling fan & Lighting expert of 16 years with Lightahome Ltd.



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