Quiet Ceiling Fans

Things to consider when looking for a quiet ceiling fan


The primary job of a ceiling fan is to cool you down. Not only are we experts in stating the obvious but also in ceiling fans! A powerful fan can cool you down nicely, but a noisy powerful fan can bother you, keep you awake at night and make you actually turn it off in desperation. That is why it is important when looking for a fan that you try and choose the quietest one you can find. There are plenty of noisy fans out there, so it is worth doing a little bit of homework first before buying one to save rendering your purchase worthless. Ceiling fans can also be used to help warm a room however an overly noisy fan can fast become a nuisance no matter what you use it for.


sleeping soundly under a ceiling fan

Choosing a quiet ceiling fan can help you sleep


So how do I know what I should be looking for? Well unfortunately, manufacturers don’t tend to give actual ratings for sound on ceiling fans. We wish they would and have suggested it more than once, but it usually falls upon deaf ears (no puns intended). Instead there are a few practical things to look out for and a little guidance & advice to follow that could potentially help you.


First off, the general advice is that quality will always be quieter over cheap. The practical reason for this is down to the materials and construction used. We tend to stick to Fantasia ceiling fans here because they are built with silicon steel & double sealed bearings. The result of this is a smoother running, quieter motor. Fantasia, themselves, advertise their fans as whisper quiet and this is pretty much true. No ceiling fan can ever be completely quiet though. It’s impossible. A motor will always make a noise, no matter how feint however some need a lot of focussing to hear. The other reason a fan can never truly be silent is the physical movement of the blades. Ceiling fan blades chop through the air and this in itself will always create some noise. There is advice on this though that can help you during the purchasing process.

A fan like the Fantasia Prima is designed to make as little noise as possible, partly due to the materials and processes used during construction.


If you can imagine a scenario such as a bedroom, where sound needs to be at a minimum during the night, it is really important to choose the correct size of ceiling fan. Quite often people think they need as small a fan as possible, so as not to dominate the ceiling. This is actually the worst thing you can do when quietness is important. Come the summer months, when your home can get hot & stuffy, you need as much air movement as possible whilst you sleep. The trouble with a small fan is that to generate this air movement it will need to operate on high speed and whizz around as fast as it can. This in turn creates a lot of noise. If you choose a larger fan, you can operate it in slow mode to generate the same air movement thus creating a similar effect with minimal noise. Imagine the larger fan ticking over, slowly rotating around as you sleep.


The cynical amongst us might think that is a ploy to get consumers to buy larger fans and therefore spend more money. The actual truth of it is that a great deal of ceiling fans are available in 2 sizes and the only difference being the pack of blades supplied. Taking the Fantasia Viper Plus fan as an example, both the 44” and 54” versions are the exact same price.

The Viper Plus fan is the same price whether you opt for the 44″ or 54″ versions


So if you are looking for a quiet bedroom fan then the advice really is to try your best to purchase a quality brand of fan, no matter how tempting that cheap DIY store model was, and go for as large as possible. It might be cold and wintery outside right now but the sun will eventually return and along with it, those sticky, humid nights.

The author of this blogpost was Dave Riley. Ceiling fan & Lighting expert of 16 years with Lightahome Ltd.

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