Make a statement with your class 2 lights!

5 double insulated lights to wow people for 2019


Lighting is a great way to add character to a room. Sure, furniture and wallpapers, paints and carpets can all add something in their own way, but a light can do much more. Not only can you fit lights of interesting and unique shapes & designs, but a light also has that wow factor when it is turned on. It’s like a little unveiling ceremony every time you flick that switch. It can be a little bit trickier to find a light with star attraction when you don’t have an earth connection in your home electrics as normally the choice is quite limited. Fortunately, today there is a much better choice than there used to be. Gone are the days of making do with whatever your electrician could come up with. Now lighting retailers, such as ourselves, can supply much more interesting class 2 double insulated lights. To demonstrate this, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight five different class 2 lights that are now available for the start of the year that would add that extra something to anyone’s home.


The Code ceiling light is a really interesting ceiling pendant. Finished in an old gold colour it features a very striking shape. Not really suitable for low ceilings as it has a minimum height of 50cm but if you’ve got the room, it really does offer an interesting focal point. What’s nice about the Code is that you can enhance it with filament bulbs that in-themselves are already full of character. Using varying shaped bulbs also adds to the industrial care free look. Being double insulated also means that it doesn’t require the earth connection.

The Code Double insulated light

The Code class 2 ceiling light is further enhanced by the use of vintage filament bulbs which add extra character.


Traditional pendants can be a little bit boring. It’s not that long ago that a class 2 pendant would have resembled something like a single lamp-holder on a white flex leading to a plastic white ceiling rose. Fortunately, these days, manufacturers have twigged that consumers expect a little more from their lighting, no matter what their circumstances. The Olyn is a great example of this. Designed as a centrepiece pendant it features a classical design complete with polished nickel finishing and chain. The addition of cylindrical glass rods around the diameter creates an all-together different look and enhances the light emitted from the 5 bulbs from within.

The Olyn double insulated light

The Olyn ceiling light is a traditional pendant enhanced with clear rods that reflect the light, increasing the wow factor.


If you have high ceilings and you really want that wow-factor then maybe you should consider the Vasiliy! Earth connection is no problem for this impressive statement light as it is fully class 2. Finished in polished chrome with opal glass, the Vasiliy light resembles a cross between a star and an exploding firework. If you have high ceilings then chances are your home has some age to it, such as a Victorian house. If so, what better way to create a talking point than by combining two contrasting styles in the traditional aesthetic of the room with the contemporary of this striking ceiling light. Using G9 bulbs means that not only can you create a stir with this particular product, but you can also have it fully LED, which is great for the environment and your energy bills.

The Vasiliy ceiling light

The Vasiliy really is a stylish ceiling light. No earth required, yet the manufacturer has managed to truly design a statement piece!


Stairwells can often be a tricky place to fit decent lighting. By the nature of their shape they often need long thin lights and it can be even harder when your choice is limited by not having an earth. This shouldn’t stop you from selecting an interesting light fitting however. Something like the Trombone ceiling light is an excellent class 2 statement light. Finished in a contemporary copper its name suits its design perfectly. With ten fluted lamp holders hanging suspended underneath the ceiling plate it creates a modern look with bags of light output. At 125cm height it also suits this type of environment or any other installations where height is needed. Supplied with LED bulbs is an added bonus.

The Trombone class 2 light fitting

The Trombone ceiling light is perfect for tall ceilings


If the Trombone doesn’t suit your stairwell then maybe the Livia light will. This impressive light really does make a statement. Fully double insulated, negating the need for an earth connection, it resembles a cascade of LED lit bubble glass orbs! At 220cm height it is ideally suited for installations where a long drop is required along with something that completely stands out. Obviously, the Livia isn’t suited for most homes but if you need a light with those dimensions, that doesn’t require an earth connection and is quite simply stunning you would be hard pressed to look beyond this particular light.

The Livia Class 2 stairwell light

The Livia pendant light is absolutely perfect for stairwells and installations with a lot of height


There is no need to settle any more for the mundane if your homes electrics restrict your options. Ten years ago, it would have been quite difficult to make a splash with your lights if you were lacking an earth. Fortunately, in 2019 there is plenty of choice so don’t settle for second best when there is plenty of interesting double insulated lights out there!

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The author of this blogpost was Dave Riley. Ceiling fan & Lighting expert of 16 years with Lightahome Ltd.





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