This Spring, take a look at David Hunt’s Woodland collection of Table Lamps

The David Hunt Woodland Collection


We are finally moving out of winter and in to spring. The daffodils are showing, and it won’t be long before we’re all cutting our lawns again and enjoying a bit of sunshine. Recently I went for a walk through the local woods with my children and it got me thinking about the Woodland collection by David Hunt. I really love this time of year and the way nature starts to awaken after a long cold winter. The wildlife becomes more active and it’s a really lovely time to be out and about.


For those of you who haven’t seen the Woodland collection yet, it is a group of 4 table lamps that really catch the essence of this time of year nicely. Each lamp is handmade to the normal high standards, and each full of character.

A view of the 4 table lamps that make up the Woodland Collection by David Hunt

The Woodland collection of table lamps by David Hunt Lighting


The theme of the range is beloved animals of the British farm & countryside. When David Hunt launched the Hopper table lamp a couple of years ago it quickly became apparent that further lamps needed to be added to the range. Such was the popularity of the lamp featuring a hare, that other animals soon followed suit. Like the Hopper, the Puddle featuring a duck and the Tawny table lamp, featuring an owl are all finished in a beautiful bronze. Horace, with its pig, is finished in an elegant copper whilst sitting on a stack of books. Reaction so far to the extended collection has been extremely positive.

The Hopper table lamp by David Hunt

The Hopper table lamp, by David Hunt, features a hare finished in beautiful bronze


My own personal favourite is the Puddle table lamp with its quaint, simple duck. Something about it reminds me of my childhood and Beatrix Potter stories. These table lamps are designed to bring real character to your home. This is achieved not only through the quaintness of the subject but also the sheer quality of each lamp. Cheap and cheerful these are not. Handmade to order with the finest materials I like to imagine they have created something that could be passed down from generation to generation, reminding each one of happy childhoods. We all have those little things in our memories from when we were children which we hold dear. For me it was a bowl of sweets that was always on my nan’s dresser. It doesn’t take much to imagine future generations remembering their parents Horace table lamp with its portly little pig, sitting reassuringly in the lounge. The quality of lamps is such that this type of scenario is more than believable and there’s something nice about that.

The Puddle table lamp by David Hunt

The Puddle table lamp, by David Hunt, features a duck finished in beautiful bronze


The fact that you can add a David Hunt shade to each lamp and choose from a large array of both inner and outer colours as well as fabrics only enhances the set further. Personally, I prefer the softer tone colours but some of the more vibrant shade colours would look good in the correct setting. This, of course, only enhances the collection further by allowing you to tailor your lamp exactly how you want it. Each table lamp uses a 60W bayonet cap bulb which can be a filament or an LED so a good level of light is created and this only enhances the base further, highlighting the little intricacies in the bronze finish.

The Horrace table lamp by David Hunt

The Horrace table lamp, by David Hunt, features a pig.


To sum up, the Woodland collection isn’t for everyone. It’s a beautiful range of animal themed table lamps that represents the best of British animals and wildlife. If you are looking for a cheap lamp, then these are not for you. If, however you are looking for something of exceptional quality and finish that you would like to keep and cherish for years to come then I would certainly have a look at the range.

The Tawny table lamp by David Hunt

The Tawny table lamp, by David Hunt, features an owl finished in bronze.


The David Hunt Woodland collection is available to order now at Lightahome and is currently on display at Warmmead Lighting, Coventry.

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The author of this blogpost was Dave Riley. Ceiling fan & Lighting expert of 17 years with Lightahome Ltd.




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