Bluetooth Speaker Lights!

Bluetooth Speaker Lights


On a recent visit to one of our manufacturers I found myself humming along to some songs that were playing as we walked around their showroom. I guess I was paying too much attention to the new lights that were on display to realise that it was actually quite unusual to have music playing in such an environment. This wasn’t a place for the public or for staff. It almost had the feel of when I was much younger and I would be the first person in a nightclub, seeing an empty place with music blaring. It was only when I realised that the music was getting louder, the closer I got to a particular outdoor light that I realised they had finally come good with a suggestion made several years ago.

Bluetooth speaker ceiling light

The LED ceiling light has an integrated Bluetooth speaker in the centre


When a new product is planned, part of the process is to ask whether that light could serve any other purpose that would be beneficial to the consumer. In this instance, a previous suggestion that utilising Bluetooth technology to incorporate a wireless speaker would be both novel and worthwhile. Skip forward a few years and welcome to the Bluetooth speaker lights range!

LED Bluetooth speaker outdoor light

The LED outdoor wall light has an integrated Bluetooth speaker built in


Hedging their bets, the manufacturer has created a limited range however I have to admit the quality level is very good. Cheap products these are not. The sound quality from the range was very impressive. With ease I was able to wirelessly connect to the light with my iPhone using Bluetooth and play my music (not that my colleagues were very impressed with the song choices). Comprising of 7 individual products, the range covers every area of your home from the garden, to the bedroom and the bathroom. Imagine having a barbeque and being able to wirelessly connect to the wall light you are all sitting under to listen to your music. Or laying in the bathtub relaxing with your music playing through the ceiling light or illuminated mirror. There is a couple of ceiling lights within the range as well which means every room in the home is an option.

LED illuminated mirror with bluetooth speaker

The LED bathroom mirror light has an integrated Bluetooth speaker built in so you can listen to your favourite tunes in the bathroom


As you would expect with modern light fittings, each one utilises the latest LED technology to make them both bright & energy efficient and each one is easy to fit with minimal fuss. Having a dedicated Bluetooth speaker in your favourite places also offers an additional benefit. Most of these environments have some kind of risk to your smart phone or device. In a bathroom there is the moisture in the air, not to mention the potential to drop the device in the bath or toilet! Outside in the garden is much the same with the risk coming from the weather & harsher environment. The chances are that your smart device is worth quite a bit of money and is important to you so if you can keep it tucked away safely and allow a dedicated product to play your songs aloud then all the better. Especially when you consider that these devices are utilising existing technology for their environments. So, bathroom and outdoor lights are IP-rated against moisture and dust. They are built to stand such conditions. The same can be said for portable Bluetooth speakers. Why risk them in environments that may damage them when you can have the best of both worlds.


Ultimately, I don’t envisage that people will run out to buy a Bluetooth speaker light in their masses. I do however think that they might be seriously worth considering if and when you next change a light fitting in your home or garden.


The Bluetooth speaker light range is now fully available at Warmmead & Lightahome.


The author of this blogpost was Sue Fallows. Ceiling fan & Lighting expert of 14 years with Lightahome Ltd.

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