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Bulbfinder is a service provided by Lightahome Ltd for people who don't
want to waste their precious time searching for that illusive lightbulb.
Maybe you’ve been looking for ages? Maybe you want to convert your
bulbs to LED? Message us by using Twitter (@lightahomeuk), Facebook (facebook.com/lightahome) or e-mail (bulbfinder@lightahome.net) us with photos & any details on your bulb & we will come back to you with all your options, prices & availability! Don't forget to use the hashtag #bulbfinder

Post your bulbs details on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/lightahome

Tweet your bulbs details to our Twitterfeed @lightahomeuk

Email your bulbs details to bulbfinder@lightahome.net
Once we receive your tweet, Facebook post or e-mail we will then find all the relevant details for you and reply asap. If we have a suitable product (or can order one for you) then we will give you a price plus a price for delivering (usually the Royal Mail).

Bulbfinder is perfect for those who want to know what their options are, such as changing existing lightbulbs to LED. It is perfect for those who are struggling to find a certain bulb or dont have the time to search the shops for the exact lamp.