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Drop Rods

Ceiling fan drop rods are used to extend how far down a ceiling fan hangs. Installations with high ceilings such as conservatories often require a fan to be hung lower than normal. This allows an optimal amount of airflow behind the ceiling fan. Fan drop rods come in varying lengths. Our ceiling fan drop rods come in 5 sizes. 12 inch, 18 inch, 30 inch, 48 inch and 72 inch. Our fan drop rods also come in 2 diameters. 22mm and 27mm. Please check which size you require before purchasing. This will either be in a ceiling fans description online or in the installation manual. If replacing a smaller fan rod you can measure the diameter of the existing down rod as a guide. Our ceiling fan drop rods also come in a large selection of colours to choose from. Please have your colour choice, length & diameter sorted when ordering one of our ceiling fan drop rods.