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No Earth: A Double Insulated Lighting Case-study

Double insulated lighting can be quite confusing. Most DIY stores wont have a clue what you are referring to if you ask them. 'Double Insulated what?' The truth is there are an awful lot of people in the UK who require it & some don't even realise. We thought it might be helpful to describe the situation one of our customers experienced.

Ian from Cambridge had decided after several years that his existing lounge light was looking a little dated. He purchased a new light from a local DIY store & arranged for an electrician to come around and fit it. All seemed fine until the electrician removed the existing light & found that Ian's lighting circuit only had a live & a neutral electrical connection. The electrician explained that this was quite common in houses built prior to the mid-1960s (Ian's house was built in the early 1950s).

The replacement light that Ian had purchased would not be suitable as it required an earth connection. The electrician pointed out the earthing symbol located on the new light. Worse still the electrician pointed out that he could not legally refit the original light either as this also technically required an earth and was now contravening current electrical safety regulations!
The earth symbol on a light tells you an earth connection is required
The Requires Earth symbol

The electrician temporarily made safe the protruding lighting circuit wires & advised Ian he could either have a rewire of the houses electrics or he could purchase some double insulated lights. Ian quickly decided against a rewire due to the large costs & mess it would cause so started to research double insulated lighting. The electrician, who was a regular customer of Lightahome, gave Ian our details & made arrangements to come back at a later date. Obviously without a light in the room it was imperative for Ian to sort the issue so he searched through our website and then contacted us for advice. Ian chose a Seattle double insulated ceiling light and placed his order online. Within a day the light had been delivered and the electrician returned to fit the new light. He pointed out the special design of the new Class 2 light (another term for double insulated lights) and also the symbol that is found on every double insulated lighting product.

The Double insulated logo (square within a square)

The light fitting was simple for the electrician to fit & Ian's lounge was filled with light once again but more importantly was safe & passed all the regulations. He returned the original replacement back to his local DIY store for a refund.

Lightahome specialise in all forms of double insulated lights which you can view on this website however if you would like some advice & appreciate a more personal touch then give us a call on 024 7671 7043.
(Thank you to Ian for his input & allowing us to describe his situation)