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What is double insulated lighting?

What is Class 2 Double Insulated Lighting?

Class 2 double insulated lighting is specially manufactured for homes & businesses where an earth connection isn't present in their lighting circuit. Buildings built before approximately 1965 didn't tend to have an earth wire included in the lighting circuit leaving merely a live & neutral wire. This type of installation is potentially dangerous should a fault occur with the light fitting. Double insulated lights are manufactured in a certain way to protect from such danger.

What makes a double insulated light different from a normal light?

Double insulated lights appear very similar to normal lights in appearance however they are wired in a different way to protect against dangerous faults that may harm you. Each class 2 light (another name for double insulated) is put through a rigorous testing procedure to ensure they comply with the latest electrical regulations.

Can I convert an existing normal light in to double insulated?

Unfortunately not. A normal, non class 2 light, hasn't been manufactured to the high standards required for it to be passed as class 2. As each light goes through an official testing procedure that costs in the thousands it is uneconomical to convert just a single light. 

Do I have to use Double Insulated Lights if I haven't got an earth? Is it the law?

Electricians are guided by the latest versions of their electrical regulations. These regulations always state it is a compulsory must for homes without an earth to use class 2 double insulated lighting. An electrician wont install anything other than class 2 lights and wont refit an original incorrect light if it is removed. If the wrong lighting is installed and an accident occurs it could be your responsibility so it always pays to use the correct lighting.

Can double insulated lights be made of metal? My electrician says they can only be made of plastic?

Unfortunately the electrician is incorrect in this regard. A class 2 double insulated light can be made of metal or any other material providing it is marked with the double insulation symbol (a square within a square) which guarantees that the product has been through the rigorous testing process and has been confirmed as compliant. Should a fault occur with the light the cables do not have the ability to touch the material of the light fitting ensuring any issue does not spread to the light itself.

Do I have to use double insulated lights in a bathroom? I have heard about zones within a bathroom?

Double insulated lighting must be used in any room where an earth connection isn't present in the lighting circuit. There is no regulation that states that double insulated lighting has to be used in a bathroom as standard. Zones refer to moisture penetration and informs you of the IP rating required for the light (nothing to do with double insulation).

Can I buy double insulated lighting from you?

Yes! Lightahome is the new name for our old website 
We were the original class 2 double insulated lighting suppliers to the UK and remain the country's largest stockist and leading class 2 specialist. If you would like any advice please feel free to call us on 024 7671 7043. You can view our entire range of double insulated lights by clicking the menu at the top of the page. All our class 2 products are fully tested and dispatched using our reliable couriers.